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Consultant Request for Proposal
The South Billings Urban Renewal Association (SBURA) is requesting proposals for consulting services related to activities associated with the South Billings Boulevard Urban Renewal District (the "District").

The Request for Proposal guidelines are below:

SBURA Consulting Request for Proposal

Additional Information:


SBURA and the City of Billings operate under a Memorandum of Understanding whereby SBURA is responsible for providing advisory services to the City for approximately $4 million of annual tax increment funding associated with the South Billings Boulevard Tax Increment District.  SBURA manages the disbursement of these funds in accordance with Montana tax increment financing law.  The Billings City Council ("the Council') must approve all expenditures of tax increment funds.  The Council has approved over $25 million since 2014 for street and sewer infrastructure projects, business development and other public improvements.

Consulting Services
The consultant will be responsible for managing all aspects of the District inc
luding, but not limited to:
​     Processing/Analyzing applications for tax increment assistance
     Developing presentations to the City Council  
     Communications with SBURA board members, City staff, City Council & District residents
     Promoting business development in the District
     Budgeting tax increment projects
     Managing the District's website
     Attending City Council meetings

SBURA and the successful proposer will sign a Contract for Services.

Consulting Term
Consulting services are for a period of one year

To be eligible to respond to this RFP, the proposer must demonstrate proven ability to manage professional relationships and to apply analytical skills to a variety of business and/or governmental situations.  The applicant must provide:
     A federal employer identification number
     A City of Billings business license
Request for Proposal Deadline
SBURA will accept proposals until July 28.  Interested applicants may obtain more information by contacting Jim Tevlin, interim SBURA consultant (406) 670-5883.  Proposals shall be received addressed to SBURA, via mail at PO Box 21271, Billings MT 59104 or email at  


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